Register for the League

How It Works

Division Quiz

This is a series of questions to figure out your level of play so that we can create teams for everyone. For the best experience and the most fun, answer these questions honestly and to the best of your ability. If there is not an answer choice exactly for you, choose which one most closely represents you.


During the registration process, we will ask you for things like your shipping address and your jersey size. This is so that we can provide you a jersey to play in and to be able to ship you your Championship Ring and Jersey if you win.

One of the challenges with flag football is finding a team to play with. We believe that providing teams for all players will open up the door for lots of new players to be able to play flag football. We will do our best at creating teams equally based on your Division Quiz and positions.

How Long Will It Last
Everyone will play two games. All of the undefeated teams will be rewarded Championship Jerseys and Rings.
Will My Game Jersey and Flags Be Shipped
No. Players will pick these items up at check-in upon arrival. Please bring an ID for check-in to receive your items.